Gambling suspension

General information

A voluntary gambling suspension requested by the individual is often an effective measure in the event of gambling problems. Such suspensions may be requested at any time in person, or in writing by enclosing a copy of your ID. Gambling suspensions apply to all physical casinos in Switzerland and all Swiss providers of online gambling (lotteries, sports betting, online casino and poker games).

Under the Swiss Gambling Act, guests who display clear signs of a gambling problem may also be suspended against their will.

Suspended guests can request that the suspension against them be lifted. The decision to lift the gambling suspension rests with the issuing casino. The suspension can be lifted if the suspended guest no longer has a problem with gambling and can provide corresponding proof of this (e.g. documents regarding their current financial situation). The casino may then review and lift the suspension using its own judgment, in consultation with a psychological expert if necessary. The evaluations performed and the decisions reached must be clearly documented for the supervisory authorities.

Ordered gambling suspension

The casino will bar from gaming any individuals who, based on its own suspicions or information from third parties, specialist services or social welfare authorities, it knows or has cause to assume are:

In such situations, the casino must order a gambling suspension in accordance with Art. 80 of the Swiss Gambling Act (BGS), with or without the guest’s agreement.