Legal basis

Swiss casinos are legally obliged to impose gambling suspensions in certain circumstances.

A suspension will be issued if, based on its own suspicions or information from third parties (e.g. specialist services, social welfare authorities), the casino knows or has cause to assume that the individual concerned is in significant debt, unable to meet their financial obligations or addicted to gambling. A suspension will also be imposed if the person places wagers that are out of proportion with their income and assets.

The following provisions form the basis for imposing suspensions:

Ordered or voluntary gambling suspensions apply for an indefinite period to all Swiss casinos as well as to all online gaming platforms covered by the Gambling Act (lotteries, sports betting etc.). The suspensions are entered in a national Swiss registry. The right to access this registry is regulated by law. If the reasons for the gambling suspension no longer apply, the individual concerned may apply for it to be lifted by making a request in writing, enclosing a copy of their ID (via the electronic form in the online casino). A minimum period of three months applies for voluntary gambling suspensions.

Violations of suspensions

Attempts by the individual concerned to violate the suspension may result in legal steps being taken by the casino (submission of a complaint for unlawful entry pursuant to Art. 186 of the Swiss Criminal Code, SCC).